Shift click not working on mac

As you may have noticed, the Finder thoughtfully indents item names a bit for your convenience. Such design consideration lets you click and hold the empty area next to the file name so that you can safely perform dragging action without accidentally moving the item to a new location. Click-and-drag to select a contiguous group of items in a Finder window like a pro. The aforementioned file-selection methods can be combined and chained together, making complex selections effortless and allowing you to quickly exclude a single item from the selection, deselect a range of files with a few clicks and so forth.

Did you mistakenly include unwanted files in your selection? To adjust a group of contiguous files, click any highlighted item while holding the Shift key to trim your selection accordingly. Another common trick: Open System Preferences , click the General section, then click the menu next to Highlight Color to choose between one of the preloaded colors or define your own by choosing Other.

Shift doesn't select range of files?

Got stuck? Select a single file To select a single document, folder, app, disk or other item available through the Finder, click it. If the modifier key remapping functionality is what breaks ctrl-clicking in Sierra I'm in favour of just stripping out that functionality too on the macOS platform. I think most people installing ckb are just interested in the RGB light effects anyway. After some more research I found out, that the problem with mac-specific keyboard drivers is more severe, that at first anticipated:.

This means, that for utilizing the Cocoa API, we have to write a separate daemon process to handle the keyboard functionality.

My research so far:

Apart from that, I will try to remove the Mac OS-specifc remapping-functionality for Sierra and above in a separate branch in the next few weeks. I say the next weeks, as I am not sure, how long I can work on this each day. I'm willing to work on this if someone points me in the right direction with what's needed. I discussed this further with tatokis and light2yellow in the IRC chat, you're welcome to chat with us there, as well.

Somewhere here there must be checked, where the key event is generated and therefore correctly initialized with the appropriate keyboard option flags. Then I am puzzled as how to fix the additional selection functionality. Maybe also check Karabiner-Elements how they are implementing this and whether this works as intended. My issue with this is fairly recent. Not had the issue before with the modifier and click. BTW i'm using a standard wired Apple keyboard. UK and US version - both have the same problem. Wonder if anyone has any thoughts.

There have been multiple updates but still present Seems odd that this wouldn't be fixes as a matter of urgency? Thanks in advance. The only issue related to a few keys was found and fixed in sierra. Do you use Karabiner? If yes, it is no longer suitable, use Karabiner-elements instead.

No i don't use Karabiner The specified issue is referenced as Keyboard Interface Control , which - if I understand correctly - has something to do with how Apple's Windowing System handles keyboard input delegation. The main problem still seems to be, how the daemon is handling the low-level usb-input-events and how Cocoa-based applications handle high-level framework specific input-events. I am starting to get the feeling, that Apple is expecting the low-level functionality, which is happening in the daemon to be implemented in the high-level Cocoa portion of the app which is used as the GUI as well as user input handling.

But I am still trying to figure out, how the daemon does and the Apple expects to work.

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I'll need to read the documentation first and get a handle on what you said. Just FYI shift-select works fine when ckb-next is removed.

Bringing it all together

Not sure if anyone has tried this yet? As nice as it is to have the RGB functionality of this keyboard, and as much as I appreciate everything the developers are doing, it's gonna have to remain uninstalled until this vital feature is repaired. This would be really helpful.

After a period of use, I found that, once loaded the com. App, if delete the com.

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Very odd. I'm running Let me see what happens if I upgrade. I'll need a day or two to explore this fully. Thanks a lot for your help. You are interested in the from part of it. For some reason GitHub doesn't allow easy navigation by click here, so here's what I would have done:. I've got the same issue that smachi and juaganmu mentions. After each reboot of my iMac the modifier keys doesn't work anymore. I need to go to the activity monitor to kill the daemon, and after it restart the modifier keys works again. I'm seeing something similar now that I've upgraded to My question was about the meaning of not having this feature in the OS.

I was hoping someone would answer the exact question: Please revert my title back.

4 ways to select files on your Mac

You never know, it may be possible, with alternate Finder implementations etc. Your original phrasing was soliciting opinion, and could never receive a canonical answer. You can revert edits yourself as the question owner, but your comments above move it into closable territory because opinion based questions that solicit discussion rather than present genuine fixable problems are against our posting guidelines.

I'm aware of this opinion-tone in the question text, and yes, it might provoke a fruitless discussion. I was only talking about title. But be it as it may, my question is answered. I won't revert it myself, if you think it should stay like this, let it stay. I think it's worth pointing out that you can scroll during the drawing of a selection marquee in the Finder — using the scroll wheel or two finger scrolling on a trackpad while the mouse button is still depressed, rather than being limited to dragging the mouse to the edge of a window, which provides less finesse than regular scrolling.

Let me try that right away Wellll, to some extent yes.

How to Right Click on a Mac - Mac Basics

Pls keep in mind that I'm using trackapd only with 3-finger selection and tap to click no pressing needed. Only way I could achieve what you've suggested was by physically pressing the trackpad and 2-finger dragging while pressed. Not as handy as simple shift-click, but can be helpful, thank you! When they take that feature away from me, what is my benefit? But here's my hypothesis: OK, makes sense However, the possibility to scatter your icons in an infinite or vast space beyond the visible portion of the windows - this kind of liberty is also beyond me.

When I zoom the icon view, icons just go out of the visible area. I can't think of use-cases for this, but maybe it's just me.

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Then the shift-click selection could be allowed before any icon is moved. Also, an option "Always arrange by" would be handy. When turned on, icons would always be arranged in a chosen way, therefore allowing shift-click selection. I see no reason not to have that especially in a tenth plus version od the OS with quite enough time to mature. Don't you agree?