Parallels 9 for mac upgrade

So let me walk you through upgrading Parallels Desktop 9 or earlier versions to Parallels Desktop 12 in this blog post.

KB Parallels: Uninstall Parallels Desktop for Mac

If you have want to update to our latest version, Parallels Desktop 13, please click here. Keep in mind that the full Parallels Desktop 12 license you purchase when upgrading from Parallels Desktop 9 or earlier versions contains the same new features and performance improvements that users of Parallels Desktop 10 and 11 receive in their Parallels Desktop 12 upgrade.

Windows and Mac Integration

Good news, right? No visible changes will be made apart from the usual Parallels Tools updates.

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For the full list of Parallels Desktop system requirements, please visit kb. In the example below, I will walk you through upgrading Parallels Desktop 9 to Parallels Desktop 12, but the process is similar if you are upgrading from Parallels Desktop 8, 7, etc.

  • Here are the system requirements:!
  • Parallels for Mac has a new version, but no huge reason to upgrade.
  • How to install or upgrade to the latest version of Parallels Desktop for Mac.
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  • KB Parallels: Download links for legacy Parallels Desktop versions.
  • The final step is to choose the number of license keys for all your family and friends. Simply download it and proceed with the installation.

    With Windows 10 mostly unchanged, Parallels 12 upgrade is nice but not crucial.

    It will be much better if you shut down Windows before installing the new version. But if you forgot to do so and left it in a suspended state, no worries — the Parallels Tools installation will begin once Windows is resumed. Enjoy the cool design changes, Retina display resolution improvements, and other wonderful features. Try Parallels Desktop for free for 14 days! There was an obvious reason to upgrade to Parallels 11 last year for people who wanted to run Windows 10 on a Mac.

    That's because Parallels 11 was the only version to support Windows 10 in Coherence Mode, which lets Windows applications run on a Mac in their own windows and integrate with the Mac's Notification Center. Today, the year-old Parallels Desktop 11 still fully supports Windows 10, even after the Anniversary Update recently pushed out by Microsoft.

    What it costs and when it's available

    By contrast, the upgrade from Windows 8. So why pay for an upgrade to Parallels 12?

    Parallels 9 Tutorial

    After reviewing the announcement materials and interviewing Parallels executives about the new release, I get the feeling that even they're struggling to offer a good reason. Besides the annual speed improvements for tasks like creating snapshots and suspending virtual machines, the first features mentioned in Parallels' announcement today won't make your virtual machines run any better.

    How to upgrade Parallels Desktop 9 or earlier versions to Parallels Desktop 12

    The toolbox provides a drop-down menu from the Mac's menu bar that lets you take screenshots, record audio, download videos from YouTube and Facebook, and prevent your Mac from sleeping, among other things. Before we get into other features, here's a look at pricing and availability.

    There's also subscription pricing available for the Pro Edition. If you have a subscription, you automatically get access to new versions, in which case you might as well check out Parallels The version of Toolbox that comes with perpetual Parallels Desktop licenses will not get any updates, while the subscription version will get new features from time to time, the company told us. Customers who go several years between Parallels upgrades should note that Parallels Desktop 9, the version that came out in August , will stop working when Macs are upgraded to macOS Sierra.

    Sierra has "increased security requirements" that "prohibit" installation of Parallels Desktop 9 and earlier versions, a Parallels spokesperson told us.

    Upgrading from Parallels Desktop 9 to 13

    Parallels 10 and 11 will work normally and be able to run virtual machines on Sierra. Mac users can already back up virtual machines with Parallels' built-in backup feature or Apple's Time Machine. But the Acronis subscription provides GB of online storage and an incremental backup system that uses less disk space than Parallels or Time Machine, Parallels told us.